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So That’s What He’s Doing With His Money

Ambinder got hold of a memo from the Michigan Obama campaign. The bottom line is the campaign is hiring staff like crazy and planning an organization twice the size of John Kerry’s:

To date we have hired close to 90 staffers (mostly field organizers) and will have another 80 (mostly field organizers) hired by early August. In total we will have a minimum of 150 field organizers throughout the state working through the Michigan Democratic Party/Campaign for Change. These organizers will oversee neighborhood teams, where people will lead the local change in their communities by registering voters, knocking on doors, making phone calls and securing more supporters and volunteers for a Michigan victory.

Why invest so heavily in what really should be a strong Obama state? Ambinder mentions McCain has major plans for Michigan, perhaps investing more in it than other swing states like Pennsylvania, so clearly turning Michigan red is of the highest priority for McCain. A tea-leaf that Romney is going to be the VP pick?

While many of my fellow Obama fans are thrilled with this level of grassroots investment (and it is critical), a friend of mine keeps reminding me – correctly, I think – that it’s the larger, macro factors in a campaign that ultimately count, and ground game may have a bigger impact in smaller states like Iowa. Nevertheless, boots on the ground is a good thing. Perhaps this level of investment is why Obama’s been slower on the paid advertising trigger?

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