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McCain Camp Now Going After Biden

I’m learning to love Joe Biden. I have mixed feelings about his being VP, mostly because he’s a little too Washington-insider-y for me and is a bit of “old news” when it comes to a national ticket, but let’s be honest, no one cuts to the punch better than this guy. When he’s not rambling, he comes up with some doozies (Rudy: “A noun, a verb, and 9/11”).

On today’s media call regarding Iraq, Biden got right to it, saying John McCain has “no notion of what’s going on in Iraq.”

You know the guy draws blood when the rival camp decides to respond by targeting a surrogate (or perhaps they’re pre-emptively attacking him in hopes of damaging a top Veep prospect):

If we had followed Senator Biden’s ill-informed advice to split Iraq into three pieces, we would have seen wide-scale civil war.

Which contrasts with McCain’s plan of…well…I don’t have any clue what McCain’s plan is.

But as an observer of politics, it seems clear to me that if you’re drawing a response like this, you’ve also drawn blood. For example, you knew Obama’s initial habit of saying repeatedly that McCain is offering nothing more than a “third Bush term” was effective when McCain himself decided to tackle it in a speech (note to Obama camp, bring that back, it was working).

So, today, McCain is going after Joe Biden. Which means Biden must have done something right.


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  1. You see, this below illustrates the subtle strategy of hitting McCain on his mental fitness to be Commander-in-Chief:

    Biden says McCain has “no notion of what’s going on” in Iraq.

    “He doesn’t get the fact there is no reasonable prospect of a strong central government located in Baghdad…”

    Has no notion….doesn’t get the facts…

    That’s why the McCain campaign attacked Biden like that.

    Comment by slinkerwink | July 14, 2008 | Reply

  2. Now we just have to wait for the media to go after Biden for his age-ism.

    Comment by dansac | July 14, 2008 | Reply

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