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Gallup: Obama Crushing McCain in Europe

In case there was any doubt, Europe and the world are desperate for an Obama presidency, according to a brand new Gallup poll:

Substantial majorities of citizens of France, Germany, and the United Kingdom say that they would like to see Democratic Sen. Barack Obama rather than Republican Sen. John McCain elected U.S. president, and also that it makes a difference to their country who is elected.

How substantial a majority? Take a look:

That’s right, 60-15 in the U.K., 64-4 in France, and 62-10 in Germany.

This comes on the heels of news that a third of British Conservative MPs (Tories) are abandoning their traditional allegiance for Republicans and backing Obama:

The Telegraph asked all 195 Conservative MPs if they wanted the Republican presidential candidate Mr McCain or his Democratic rival Barack Obama to win in November.

Of the 113 MPs who responded, 91 had a preference, 63 of whom backed McCain and 28 Obama. Thirteen said they were undecided while nine had no preference.

Of course, this will lead to hand-wringing by the media that Obama can be “too popular” in Europe. Remember this gem from Chairperson Emeritus of “Obama Has a Problem” Concern Trolls Andrea Mitchell?:

But what if he is so celebrated in Europe, Mika, that there is criticism back home? That it doesn’t play well in parts of the country that are, you know, a little bit more jingoistic, and a little bit more isolationist, which includes, perhaps, parts of the Midwest and Appalachia, and other parts of key battleground states, where seeing him celebrated in Europe might seem to be an implicit criticism of America.

As Arianna Huffington wisely points out, being popular in the rest of the world is a good thing:

Of course, at no point does the McCain campaign or anyone in the media point out what, exactly, is the danger to America if our closest allies actually, you know, don’t hate us.

They also fail to mention that along with being our allies, the European countries Obama is visiting are also democracies — so it’s a lot easier for their leaders to make nice with us if their constituents don’t view our president as an object of disdain and ridicule.

Let’s hope most Americans, even those fetishized blue-collar voters in the heartland, realize now, more than ever, how important it is for America’s image to improve.

Today’s Gallup polling results show only one candidate will accomplish that.


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