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Fox News caught fixing video for McCain

Raw Story, via MSNBC, has caught Fox News trying their damndest to make John McCain look younger. How much younger?

Over a “Beat the Press: Fox Anti-Aging Fix” graphic, Abrams urged, “Take a good look at the senator and the video they use.” He then showed a clip in which Fox ran video of a strangely youthful and vigorous-looking McCain at a campaign rally to accompany a story about McCain’s current campaign schedule. However, the video also prominently features a sign reading “,” which at one point is even waved in front of McCain’s face.

Fox is actually using eight year old video to discuss today’s activities,” Abrams marveled. He concluded cheerfully, “They report — you decide.”

For those without video, this is the transcript from Fox:

He’s in Ohio today, and has an event tonight at a cancer fundraiser, but this is not what he had in mind. He was going to make a landing on an offshore oil rig and also visit New Orleans, but Hurricane Dolly came rolling through…

This, while showing the footage of McCain at a 2000 election rally. (Also, you have to love the tired excuse that it was Dolly, and not a giant oil spill in New Orleans, that made McCain cancel his trip. Nary a mention of that).

You don’t just stumble upon eight year-old video footage and run it in your broadcast. This was a concerted effort to make John McCain look younger to the Fox audience.

But don’t forget, the media is biased towards Barack Obama.


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  1. I’m shocked. SHOCKED!

    Comment by dansac | July 26, 2008 | Reply

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