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New MoveOn Ad: “This is Your Brain on Hope”

Clever new TV spot from which I thought was worth sharing, as part of their kick-off to the youth-mobilization effort:

Ambinder reports that it will be run on MTV and Comedy Central at a cost of $150,000. Let’s hope it’s the beginning of a serious concerted effort to mobilize the younger voters, who turned out in the primaries, but need to be out in the general election in a big way…in the meantime, enjoy “Hope.”

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  1. Ironic, since I posted this, but upon further reflection, I think the ad is lacking. Talking about lack of hope for the past 8 years, while you’re focusing on a group that could be young enough to have been 10 years old when Bush became president, doesn’t really work.

    I hope there is a more concerted effort to really turnout the youth, but this ad isn’t an incredibly auspicious start.

    Comment by dansac | July 28, 2008 | Reply

  2. When republicans came out with the ad that compared Barack Obama to Paris Hilton, republican sympathizers dismissed the overt negativity of the piece and called it humorous. Shortly thereafter, MoveOn produced an ad that attempted to hit back with sarcastic commentary about the viewer’s “brain on hope.”

    “This is Your Brain on Hope” is hardly a clever retort. It is a vacuous analogy that offers neither tangible information nor entertainment value. As the targetted demographic would say, “Lame.” 😛

    Comment by richard jones | September 4, 2008 | Reply

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