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The Slime Behind The Pentagon-Germany Visit

Robert Wilkie, Assistant Secretary of Defense Legislative Affairs

Robert Wilkie, Assistant Secretary of Defense Legislative Affairs

This is the guy who began the sliming of Barack Obama’s planned visit to Landstuhl, the military hospital in Germany, and helped the McCain campaign get their political ad out–this is downright coordination between the Pentagon and the McCain presidential campaign. For more information on this explosive story, please continue to read below:

Robert Wilkie’s biography reads like a Republican’s wet dream of gaining access to power, first starting with his career on Capitol Hill in working for Senator Jesse Helms, the famed racist, and then his appointment to his current position by President George W. Bush in 2006 and subsequent confirmation by the U.S. Senate in 2006.

Here’s the beginning of the story, starting with the briefing by Robert Gibbs, the Obama press secretary, here:

Senior strategist Robert Gibbs said the visit to the military hospital in Germany had been in the works for about three weeks, with Gration serving as the campaign’s contact with the Pentagon.

The Pentagon cleared the Obama plan to land at the base on either July 15 or 16, Gibbs said. The plane needed the clearance because of restrictions on landing nonmilitary aircraft there, he said.

But then on Wednesday, Gration told Obama aides that the Pentagon had informed him that the visit could be viewed as a campaign stop.

“They cited a regulation,” Gibbs said of their point of contact, described as legislative affairs in the office of the secretary.

It seems that Robert Wilkie likes to cite regulations for political reasons, given a previous Boston Globe story in 2007:

Robert L. Wilkie , a former Bush administration national security official who left the White House to become assistant secretary of defense for legislative affairs last year, has outlined a half-dozen guidelines that prohibit most officers below the rank of colonel from appearing in hearings, restricting testimony to high-ranking officers and civilians appointed by President Bush.

The guidelines, described in an April 19 memo to the staff director of the House Armed Services Committee, adds that all field-level officers and enlisted personnel must be “deemed appropriate” by the Department of Defense before they can participate in personal briefings for members of Congress or their staffs; in addition, according to the memo, the proceedings must not be recorded.

Both Democrats and Republicans in Congress see the move as a blatant attempt to bog down investigations of the war. But veterans of the legislative process — who say they have never heard of such guidelines before — maintain that the Pentagon has no authority to set such ground rules.

The one way to stop slime like this, is to make the story ABOUT the slime, particularly the origin of the slime. Thus, the focus of the outrage is now on the origin of the slime, Robert Wilkie, and the Bush White House by default. This helps in creating more support for Barack Obama from the general populace when they realize that it was the White House and the Pentagon that worked in coordination with John McCain’s campaign to politicize this visit to wounded troops.

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