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Should McCain Put Romney On the Ticket?

I have been somewhat scared of the notion of Romney on the ticket, and my fear was confirmed by Nate Silver’s analysis about what that would do to the electoral map.  I know he’s a flip-flopping opportunist who, frankly, people hate.  But my fear was about what that would do in three states in particular: Michigan, Colorado, and Nevada – the latter two have substantial Mormon populations, and the Romney name goes far back in Michigan.

Given that fear, it seems to me it would be smart for McCain to pick Romney, right?  Not so fast:

Prominent evangelical leaders are warning Sen. John McCain against picking former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as his running mate, saying their troops will abandon the Republican ticket on Election Day if that happens.

They say Mr. Romney lacks trust on issues such as outlawing abortion and opposing same-sex marriage and because he is a Mormon. Opposition is particularly powerful among those who supported former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in the Republican presidential primaries earlier this year.

Indeed, Romney has two strikes against him in the evangelical community: first, he’s a Mormon, but second, given his history of flip-flopping and pandering on social issues, the evangelicals just don’t trust him (who does?).

So many in this community were just learning to hold their nose and vote for a candidate they really weren’t enthusiastic about – but throw Romney into the mix?  That’s asking a whole lot of them.

So we can say hello to VP Pawlenty or Portman, but this article was a warning shot across the bow of the McCain camp: pick Romney at your peril.

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