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The Response to “On the Obama Response Team”

A little more back-and-forth on this because it’s important. Turner did some further critiquing of Obama’s response team, and got it almost entirely right (even if Armando is cited).  Five follow-up points for the Obama team:

1) Stop being so deferential to McCain

You don’t have to keep pretending like he’s a great guy with a bad campaign, or that he was once a good guy who’s lost his way, as David Axelrod did today:“It makes you wonder whose behind all this because this isnt the John McCain we expected.” Or with the campaign’s use of sentences like: “John McCain is an honorable man running a dishonorable campaign.” He’s calling your candidate a traitor to this country, why are you being so nice? You don’t have to worry about reminding people about his service, McCain does that by himself plenty. Hit him and hit him hard.

2) McCain = Bush 3rd Term.

If Obama isn’t saying that in every speech (the way he used to – and it was working!), he’s not doing his job. It hurts me to admit that Armando was right about something, but he’s right about this.

3) McCain is totally out to snacks on the economy.

Seriously guys, his chief economic adviser said it’s all in our heads, and McCain himself hasn’t got a clue. In an interview he was asked what the first thing he’d do to solve the economy is and his response was “Cut spending.” REALLY?! C’mon now.

Repeat the following:

“John McCain has no idea what he’s talking about when it comes to the economy, and he himself admitted it.”

4) Surrogates with tough talking points…get some.

It’s not that hard, get everyone on the same page smacking down McCain.

5) Repetition, learn to love it.

Just saying something once or twice isn’t enough, it has to be repeated over and over again until it’s branded into our minds. McCain knows nothing about the economy. McCain = Bush’s 3rd term. Over and over. You and your surrogates.

Winning this election isn’t hard, it comes down to the following:

“McCain = Bush’s 3rd Term.” and “McCain Knows Nothing About the Economy.”


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  1. Great points.

    Comment by jenontheshore | July 30, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hi dansac —

    I agree that Team Obama is way slow on the rapid response front — but they are also reactive in a heavy handed way, whereas a proactive approach with a lighter touch could be very effective. The good news is, at least they are responding.

    This afternoon, I thought of a great response ad that is both humorous and hits McCain at his most vulnerable point — John McCain, serial flip flopper.

    The plan is to write a memo with an outline of the attack theme, but the important part is getting the concept to the Obama Media Team.

    THEME: (Narrator) — John McCain was against offshore oil drilling, before he was for it. What happened? In the past month, John McCain got more than a million dollars in donations from oil company executives, and now he is for letting them drill anywhere they want. He’s even said that it won’t have any immediate effect and is all for show, but that hasn’t stopped him from doing the Oil Companies bidding.

    When Bush/Cheney entered the White House, gas was less than $2 a gallon — now that it’s more than $4 a gallon, the Oil Companies got what they wanted — a White House that cares more about Oil Companies than about Average Americans

    If you like the high gas prices brought to you by Bush/Cheney, you will love John McCain.


    The Obama Media Shop could do a whole series of McCain flip flop ads — for immigration reform before he was against it, for stem cell research before he was against it, for respectful campaigns before he bellyflopped into the gutter with the ugliest smears we’ve ever seen.

    The benefit of this approach is that it uses humor, it attacks McCain at his weakest point (his reputation for straight talk) — and it confronts his MSM enablers, by forcing them to admit McCain flip flops on everything.

    Comment by -ck- | July 31, 2008 | Reply

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