Strategy ’08

Obama vs. the other guy, 2008

$1500 a second

That’s how much Exxon Mobil made last quarter. By the time you finish reading this diary, they’ll have made $180,000.

When Americans are being forced to choose between gas and dinner at a restaurant, guess who loses? The restaurant.

When you have to choose between gas and that new outfit, who loses? The retailer.

When he had to choose between taking big oil money, or sticking to your word, what did John McCain do? You already know the answer to this one:

John McCain has flip flopped his way into the oil camp, for just a few bucks.

What’s the truth about drilling? It won’t ever do much for Americans, but it certainly won’t fix their problems now.

A discount of approximately 17 cents per barrel to a high of 60 cents per barrel, and a reduction in imports of approximately 1% to 2% for ~2+ years, and then declining rapidly after that.

When you’re a country that is addicted to oil, as America is, finding your next fix is never the answer. The answer is breaking your dependence on oil, on oil money, and on the same old politics that got us into this mess.

Americans will have that choice in November.

Read Barack Obama’s energy plan here.


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