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McCain’s Mom Calls Britney/Paris Ad: ‘kinda stupid’

Well, it appears that one member of the McCain camp doesn’t care for the low road express: McCain’s own mother!


Sen. John McCain may be “proud” of the Paris Hilton/Britney Spears ad released this week, but his feisty 98-year-old mother apparently disagrees.

Roberta McCain was a featured guest at a McCain campaign event on Thursday afternoon at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC. The Huffington Post obtained some audio of an exchange after the event where Mrs. McCain is asked about the Paris Hilton ad.

“Oh, well, I didn’t see it — I think it’s kinda stupid,” she says. “I’m just too old-hat for it. In fact, the other two, I didn’t even know who they were. I knew who Paris Hilton was, but then there were other two young girls…”

Unfortunately, her brush with integrity was apparently fleeting, as she goes on to attack Obama on the ‘Race Card.’

An acquaintance noted the statement from Rick Davis that was “going to be in the headlines tomorrow,” criticizing Obama “for injecting racism into the campaign.”

“Oh, he definitely did,” Roberta responded.

How pathetic is it when you bring your 95-year-old mother to attack Obama? Very pathetic. The fact that McCain continues with these negative attacks in the face of overwhelming criticism is a sign of desperation, nothing else.

The second-rate starlets steal the show in one of Mr. McCain’s new campaign ads, which suggests that Barack Obama is a celebrity – not a serious political candidate. What, precisely, the former law professor-turned-U.S. senator has in common with celebutantes who make headlines for failing to don underwear remains an open question.

Questioning Mr. Obama’s level of experience is fair game. But Mr. McCain has laid down a nasty marker, making clear that with more than three months to go, this will be ugly.

Obama is doing the right thing to dismiss this nonsense as juvenile, and he should continue to hammer home the point that while McCain continues to regress back to the third grade, Obama will continue to talk about the issues.


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  1. Sorry Turner, I know I’m turning into a curmudgeon, but this stupid ad has succeeded in turning the entire national dialogue into a question of, “Is Obama ready or not?”

    This is the most frustrated I’ve ever been with the Obama camp.

    Comment by dansac | August 1, 2008 | Reply

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