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New AP poll: Obama by 6

This should help quiet some of the fears that Obama is losing ground against McCain.  The new AP-Ipsos national poll has just come out, and Obama is leading John McCain 47-41.

A new poll finds Barack Obama is leading John McCain nationally by 6 percentage points thanks to big leads he is enjoying among women, minorities and younger voters.

The Associated Press-Ipsospoll shows thatda is leading his Republican rival 47 percent to 41 percent. McCain has a 10-point lead among whites and is tied with the Democrat among men, but Obama is leading by 13 points among women and has huge leads with minorities and the young.

Despite having one of his better weeks of the campaign, John McCain has still not been able to make any real headway against Barack Obama in the polls.  It’s important to always be vigilant and to keep fighting hard, but let’s not forget that we are still winning this race.


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  1. Thank you Smash, that does help calm the nerves.

    I do suspect that the Obama campaign knows they let McCain get away with too much last week and they’re not going to do that again. As such, it may have proven to be a valuable lesson.

    Let’s hope last week was the best McCain ever has.

    Comment by dansac | August 5, 2008 | Reply

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