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Why the tire gauge will hurt McCain

So the McCain camp got giddy thinking they had a “clever” attack on Barack Obama – handing out tire pressure gauges and mocking his suggestion that Americans properly inflate their tires.

Only thing is – this is the sort of thing that Joe and Jane Sixpack understands. His dad taught him how to check his tire pressure, and he does it regularly. Just like Jane checks her oil every other fill up – looking at the levels, for grime, for metal shavings.

Bottom line? This is the snobby country clubber making fun of the people who understand how a car works. If the Republicans want to draw their battle lines on car maintenance – taking sides with those who have never used the air pump at the Sunoco – they’re alienating a lot of Americans whose votes they need.

If the Obama team is on top of their game, they’re rolling out some well-known car folks to press the issue. Make the McCain team look like the elitists they are.


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  1. There’s enough materials out there to make ads with and put McCain away for good!

    > Temper
    > gaffs
    > senior moments
    > lack of knowledge on Iraq….Pakistan/Iraq border
    > Voting records

    And many more! why are we not hitting him with these issues?
    That’s why I donate every month. let’s step it up a notch…thnx

    Comment by Jerry | August 5, 2008 | Reply

  2. Someone on Kos pointed out that correct tire pressure does save gas (and hence money) and that Obama campaign should hand out tire pressure gages. Seems like a good idea, take lemons and make lemonade.

    Comment by Jayne Smythe | August 5, 2008 | Reply

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