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MSNBC Likes to Insult Its Audience

Why does MSNBC continue to feature hosts who go out of their way to insult their audience? The amount of “blogger-bashing” that goes on has now crossed the ludicrous level. Last night I was watching Hardball (God knows why) and guest-host Mike Barnicle pulls out this gem:

…if it’s one thing that John McCain has going for him with the average voters in this country, not the bloggers, not the nitwits with computers who blog all day long, it’s his character…

Note to MSNBC: You call yourself the “place for politics.” Many of your shows focus on the minutiae, the tiny ins-and-outs of the political process, the horse-race stuff, the stuff that political junkies are most likely to follow. Bloggers are amongst the most passionate political junkies that exist, and I’d guess that they make a not-insignificant portion of the viewership of MSNBC shows.

Therefore, try really hard not to have hosts who go out of their way to insult your audience (anyone remember Joe Scarborough and the famous “Cheetohs” comment?). And blogging, by the way, has become so mainstream that you have to think it’s encompassing even some “average voters.” What we see here is a journalist who is: (a) hopelessly out-of-touch in the 21st Century and (b) someone feeling very insecure about his job.

One last word: I have a couple of degrees from great schools, I’m married to a wonderful woman and consider myself an intelligent, fun out-going guy. And when I think of the expression “nitwits with computers” these days, it’s not bloggers that leap to mind usually, but the political press.


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  1. When I think of “nitwits with computers” I think of this:

    Comment by EvilPoet | August 8, 2008 | Reply

  2. while i am an unabashed fan of “countdown”, some of the other msnbc programs, morning joe, hardball, & road to the white house, offer little news, but more gossip and innuendo from so-called renown pundits, who unseeminly have their own political agenda, bereft of facts and honesty….it is make-believe controversy to hype ratings and secure advertising dollars. if i were cynical, i would suggest that the aforementioned are closet rebublicans!

    Comment by tom tyskiewicz | August 8, 2008 | Reply

  3. I agree with you I have heard ole Morning Joe berate bloggers more times than I can remember. The irony is bloggers are truly their core audience. So I too think they should put a lid on the insults.

    Comment by musesofamom | August 8, 2008 | Reply

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