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Primary Hangover

I agree wholeheartely with Dan about the need for Sen. Kerrey to shut his yap, but beyond that: What in the hell is the Clinton campaign doing? Witness all of the following over the past week or so:

August 4th: Bill Clinton gives an interview that is nearly universally derided, in which he can’t bring himself to say that Obama is qualified and ready to be President.

August 6th: Time publishes a story which talks about Hillary’s general unhappiness about the campaign (including lack of help with her debt), and which also implies that she doesn’t think Obama can win.

August 7th: A video surfaces in which Hillary talks about the need for a ‘Cathartic’ convention, implying the need to put her name in nomination. This is a move that is widely seen as damaging to the party, as it would potentially reopen old primary wounds.

August 11th: Howard Wolfson engages in some revisionist history, claiming that if the John Edwards affair had been brought to light in November of 2007, then Hillary would have won the primary. It takes all of a couple of hours to debunk this claim.

August 11th: Sen. Kerrey drops his stink bomb.

So in the space of a week, we have five major stories, put out by either the Clinton’s directly, or high-level supporters, which have gotten into the mainstream media. All of which have or will cause headaches for the Obama campaign. And that does not even take into account the upcoming Atlantic story which, while certainly not pushed by the Clinton camp, will likely open up a new can of worms. So what is Clinton hoping to accomplish here? To be sure, we don’t know if this is some concerted effort by the Clinton’s and surrogates to undermine Obama. In fact, given the alleged disarray in that camp that has already been cited by Politico, I would doubt it. It’s more likely that they are just popping off at the mouth here, but I would also also venture a guess that they also know that Hillary is not going to be the VP, and are therefore venting. It certainly doesn’t tamp down speculation that they don’t want Obama to win, and have no problem undermining him. One can only wonder what we’ll be in for next.


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  1. Like you said – it’s hard to imagine that anyone over there is organized enough to be orchestrating this. But lack of discipline has always been the hallmark of the Clintons and their disciples (ironic, considering how many believed – myself included – that they were the most disciplined bunch a year ago).

    Comment by dansac | August 11, 2008 | Reply

  2. The Clinton’s want to make sure that her supporters remain unhappy with the election results. She doesn’t want them to get behind Obama. If he loses, she will run in 2012.

    Comment by Kitty | August 11, 2008 | Reply

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