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Help me understand – Media, McCain & Choice

There are a bunch of lunatic right-wingers who are calling for McCain to pick a pro-life running mate. The CNN story “Conservatives upset over abortion rights VP contenders”, are typical in nature. Lots of quotes from angry folks like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Gerson, with John McCain saying something amorphous like:

When a voter in Las Cruces, New Mexico, asked whether he would pick a running mate “conservatives can actually rally around,” McCain said, “I will nominate a person to be vice president, my running mate, who shares my principles, my values and my priorities, and that’s the best that I can tell you.”

and then, AND THEN CNN refuses to actually mention, hey, did you know John McCain is anti-choice? Kind of extremely so? Like, it might actually shock you how anti-choice he was?

Did you know, for example:

Among key voting blocs of pro-choice Independent and Republican women, McCain’s anti-choice record concerns them more than attacks on his economic plan and his position on the war in Iraq.

  • Among pro-choice Independent women, 83 percent said that McCain’s opposition to abortion for many women – even in cases of rape, incest or when a woman’s life is in danger – causes serious doubts about McCain.
  • For these same voters, 79 percent say that McCain’s votes against birth control access raises serious doubts in their minds about McCain.
  • Among pro-choice Republican women, 71 percent said that McCain’s opposition to abortion for many women – even in cases of rape, incest or when a woman’s life is in danger – causes serious doubts about McCain.

And who can forget his answer on Viagra vs. birth control:

So let me get this straight.

John McCain, a person who holds a conservative opinion that moderate Americans disagree with. He will, most likely, pick someone who shares his extreme position. This position, that abortion should be illegal in all circumstances, is held BY ONLY 10% of the population. Only 38% of America believes that abortion should usually or always be illegal.

But the media narrative continually fails to provide two key points:

  • John McCain is an extremist when it comes to women’s health issues.
  • Independent and Republican women are very concerned about this issue.

So I have two questions:

  • Why is the media helping McCain frame an issue which is a threat to his very existence as a candidate, and
  • What would the media do if Barack Obama was being pressured into adopting positions held by the “left wing”? Opposition to the death penalty? Decriminalization of marijuana?

Here are some suggested headlines, CNN, ABC, NY Times, Washington Post, etc. Feel free to use them:

Pressure from extremists may alienate McCain from moderates

Will McCain Surrender the Women Vote?

Can McCain Run and Win on a Pro-Life Ticket?

Are Social Conservatives Destroying the Republican Party?

I realize that many of these headlines run counter to your “Obama is in trouble with Pro-Hillary Women” narratives that you’ve already written. But give these a try, will you? It’s in the nation’s best interest to report the actual facts.


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  1. I want Hillary to come out and say in the convention: McCain wants to take your rights away from you, you HAVE to vote for Obama to keep them.

    Comment by dansac | August 21, 2008 | Reply

  2. Bill is the liar. Not Hillary

    Comment by E M | August 21, 2008 | Reply

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