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I just read Eugene Robinson’s great column in which he gives a couple salient pieces of advice:

If they want to win in November, Democrats have one task to accomplish this week: Snap out of it.

Even with the fundamentals teed up and the stars smiling, winning the White House was never going to be a walk in the park for any Democrat. The party will have had a successful convention if, at the end of the week, Democrats stop all the worrying and declare a moratorium on second-guessing. Go shake some hands and kiss some babies.

I have realized that I have second-guessed and worry-warted too much. Sometimes not without reason. I still feel there are fundamental issues and the Obama campaign hasn’t yet grasped the need not just to respond, but to launch attacks.

But I’m going to do my best to channel my nervous energy into productivity. Productive posts. Productive donations. And productive volunteering. It’s getting high time to get out there and just win this thing.


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  1. This post brought a huge smile to my face. In my opinion we have good cause to believe in the Obama campaign, but regardless we have our guy and he’s got the ball.

    The republicans are hitting us with a full court press, and its dirty and exhausting. It’s all they’ve got though, and if we break it we win. So everyone get out there, quit your carping till novemeber 5th and let’s do this.

    Comment by Stan | August 26, 2008 | Reply

  2. I’d go further than “snap out of it.” Clinton stood for some important stuff, and started a huge movement. Staying home or voting McCain will entirely undermine everything that made her movement so impressive and important.

    Comment by Andrew | August 27, 2008 | Reply

  3. Obama,

    You are the first candidate the U.S. has had in a long time that has continued to spread false information from the first time you hit the campaign trail.

    I find your technique one of the most offensive I have ever experienced. I find your ethics are on the border of being unethical and your manipulation of the facts most disgusting.

    It is common knowledge that the media will always press United States citizens to vote for the candidate who offers them the biggest kick-backs, pay-backs, and over-all “favors”. That is you, Obama.

    Then look at your over all personas: Your stance, the way you hold your head, your gestures, the clothes you wear, the pronouns and adjectives you use. Everything about you is the personification of an individual, who does NOT, let me repeat DOES NOT, have the United States citizens interests’ at heart. You are an elitist and the persona I just described is living proof — your entire appearance is proof — FACT — of what I say.

    Okay – now let’s talk about education. You have a law degree but did not practice law. Why? Readers – look this one up and you will see why. And, the result is not a positive one.

    Then there is the community organizer work you undertook in the state of Illinois. That, too, has been overstated and turned into something “positive” that it in fact was NOT. Dear readers – check this one out yourself as there are many Illinois citizens who will tell you the “truth.”

    My education – NOBAMA – is equal to or greater than your education. I do have the same ability as you to influence U.S. Citizens: And I certainly am taking the opportunity to exploit you for what you truly are.

    You see I am an educator, who works for a famous “Research One” institution, who has the ability to write Journal Articles that all college students will use for research. The true facts about you will come out and in a place that will most definitely do the most good – to influence voters “young voters” on how to spot an individual who does not represent the United States in the capacity as he states he will. Make no mistake, Obama, people will definitely know the subject of the Journal Articles is referencing you and your 2008 Presidential campaign.

    See you in “honest” fact-finding print.

    Comment by Versailles | October 4, 2008 | Reply

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