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Washington Post Among the “Puzzled and the Skeptical”

The Washington Post takes on the decision to nominate Sarah Palin, and beyond liking her personal story, isn’t too impressed with either Palin or McCain:

But the most important question Mr. McCain should have asked himself about Ms. Palin was not whether she could help him win the presidency. It was whether she is qualified and prepared to serve as president should anything prevent him from doing so. This would have been true for any presidential nominee, and it was especially crucial that Mr. McCain — who turns 72 today — get this choice right. If he is elected, he will be the oldest man ever to serve a first term in the White House.

In this regard, count us among the puzzled and the skeptical. Not long ago, no less a Republican strategist than Karl Rove belittled Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine as a potential running mate for Barack Obama, noting that picking him would appear “intensely political” because Mr. Kaine’s experience consisted of only three years as governor preceded by the mayoralty of Richmond, which Mr. Rove called “not a big town.”

Using Mr. Rove’s criteria, Ms. Palin would not fare well. Her executive experience consists of less than two years as governor of her sparsely populated state, plus six years as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska (pop. 8,471). Absorbed in Alaska’s unique energy and natural resource issues, she has barely been heard from in the broader national debates over economic policy and health care. Above all, she has no record on foreign policy and national security — including terrorism, which Mr. McCain posits as the top challenge facing America and the world.

As the Post later notes, once the buzz wears off this choice and the scrutiny begins, this decision likely won’t be as good as they thought it would be while they were throwing back shots, trying to figure out how to counter Obama’s new found momentum.

Oh, and for must read, head over to Andrew Sullivan, who is in rare form.


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  1. I’m sure most thinking folks are STUNNED by the cynical, short term benefit, dominate the news cycle nature of this pick. The Post is right. Once folks wake up and see what McCain has done, they’ll be mortified! And that’s just the Republicans.
    Poor Ed Rollins tried real hard today on CNN to come up with something, anything to say. The following is an example of how well THAT went:
    “She is blunt, outspoken and charming. And don’t assume she can’t stand toe-to-toe with Joe Biden. She is a great debater. And she was runner-up for the Miss Alaska title, won Miss Congeniality in that contest and plays the flute.”
    I hope she kept the flute!

    Comment by Forrest Caro | August 30, 2008 | Reply

  2. We need to find dirt on this women soon.

    Comment by Micheline | August 30, 2008 | Reply

  3. If we really want to bring Palin down, we have to do what was done to Ferraro—digging up dirt on her husband. That way we don’t go after Palin personally, but make her husband’s ties to big oil known in stories pushed to the press, and any improper dealings she may have done as Governor on behalf of her husband.

    Comment by slinkerwink | August 30, 2008 | Reply

  4. Slink’s more right than wrong, Micheline. We need to bring down her husband, and there ain’t exactly a shortage of material on him, as one Kossack pointed out yesterday afternoon in the diary about Todd Palin being shadow governor.

    Gotta hit’em on that first, and then hit her on the same corruption charges. Keating 5 should make an entrance shortly after the GOP convention, too.

    Corruption, entitlement, sleaze: That’s a good hit.

    Comment by Drew | August 30, 2008 | Reply

  5. Palin is the best thing that has happened to the United States in the last 100 years. The media realizes that this is an individual they cannot buy so that is why they are attacking her.

    Here is the real problem —–


    You are the first candidate the U.S. has had in a long time that has continued to spread false information from the first time you hit the campaign trail.

    I find your technique one of the most offensive I have ever experienced. I find your ethics are on the border of being unethical and your manipulation of the facts most disgusting.

    It is common knowledge that the media will always press United States citizens to vote for the candidate who offers them the biggest kick-backs, pay-backs, and over-all “favors”. That is you, Obama.

    Then look at your over all personas: Your stance, the way you hold your head, your gestures, the clothes you wear, the pronouns and adjectives you use. Everything about you is the personification of an individual, who does NOT, let me repeat DOES NOT, have the United States citizens interests’ at heart. You are an elitist and the persona I just described is living proof — your entire appearance is proof — FACT — of what I say.

    Okay – now let’s talk about education. You have a law degree but did not practice law. Why? Readers – look this one up and you will see why. And, the result is not a positive one.

    Then there is the community organizer work you undertook in the state of Illinois. That, too, has been overstated and turned into something “positive” that it in fact was NOT. Dear readers – check this one out yourself as there are many Illinois citizens who will tell you the “truth.”

    My education – NOBAMA – is equal to or greater than your education. I do have the same ability as you to influence U.S. Citizens: And I certainly am taking the opportunity to exploit you for what you truly are.

    You see I am an educator, who works for a famous “Research One” institution, who has the ability to write Journal Articles that all college students will use for research. The true facts about you will come out and in a place that will most definitely do the most good – to influence voters “young voters” on how to spot an individual who does not represent the United States in the capacity as he states he will. Make no mistake, Obama, people will definitely know the subject of the Journal Articles is referencing you and your 2008 Presidential campaign.

    See you in “honest” fact-finding print.

    Comment by Versailles | October 4, 2008 | Reply

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