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Fired Alaskan Official: Palin Is a Liar

Well, this is a hot one (that is, it would be if more outlets covered it): according to a just-posted story by ABC News, the fired, former Alaskan Public Safety Commissioner said he was fired from his job because he didn’t remove Sarah Palin’s ex-brother-in-law and that…well…Sarah Palin is a liar:

“I believe I was fired because of, primarily the reason of her former brother-in-law,” Monegan said. “I think that my unwillingness to take special action against her former brother-in-law was not well received.”

Monegan says he believes that the Governor has not told the truth about what happened.

Just so we’re clear here – the person at the center of the Troopergate scandal is now calling Governor Palin a liar. Count me as one who resisted the Palin stories and who didn’t think we gained much from pushing this…but seeing this makes me believe there may just be something to this.

Palin has denied that Monegan’s dismissal has anything to do with a family feud.

“It has absolutely nothing to do with replacing the Commissioner as we are trying to move forward with more energy in a new department,” the Governor said in July.

That’s her story and she’s sticking to it. And to be honest, before we get our hopes up let’s realize just how hard it’s going to be to prove that she removed him specifically to settle a score rather than because of budgetary reasons. But still, the evidence is compelling:

But Palin’s denials began to be challenged with the release of an audio tape of a telephone call between a member of her staff, Frank Bailey, and a state police official.

Bailey asks the officials why there’s been reluctance to fire the brother in law.

And then later, a more direct reference to the commissioner Walt Monegan.

“I’m telling you honestly, I mean, she really likes Walt a lot, but on this issue, she feel like she doesn’t know why there is absolutely no action for a year on this issue. It’s very, very troubling to her and the family,” Bailey said.

Now, as some of you may know, Frank Bailey was scheduled to be deposed this week, but the lawyers delayed it and there is evidence now Palin is trying to get her way out of this – or at least gum up the works until after the November election.

As for Monegan, he says he is disappointed in a woman for whom he once had high regard.

“It disappoints me and it’s because I expected more from her. I expected so much more and I just wish it hadn’t,” Monegan said.

Well, whether or not the truth ultimately comes out, one thing is for sure – the man who was fired is now calling her a liar. Will this story stay alive throughout the fall? Amongst the bloggers yes, but we all have to do our part to raise its visibility to the traditional media (and the ABC News website doesn’t count).

There is something to this Troopergate scandal after all.


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  1. I am a hard working single mother of two who am very proud to say that I can make a decision and educate myself before passing judgement. I must say that it is sad that there are other women out there that put Sarah Palin on a thrown because she is a mother of 5 and feel that because of this she can run a country. I find this very insulting because just being a mother and holding a job does not make you perfect or great, it is what becomes of the family cirle and how you manage the work and family that shows in the long run. I can see already that one daughter is with child and the others are cared for by nannies / babysiters because of her choices. I did not have those sitters / nannies on my income but was able to teach my children hard work and morals and they are now (one is a lawyer and the other just started college). I find based on all of the educating myself on Palin that she has been rolling right over people in Alaska (bringing in family and child-hood school friends and taking out many who spoke against her). I dont like those kind of tactics (they are very scary and the type of things that have hurt many in the past). I am also very disturbed by in bringing church into State when we must keep them separate. Please people i ask you to look at the issues and not at the fact that she is a mom of 5, this is not what I would do as a women.

    Comment by Terri D Caballes | September 15, 2008 | Reply

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