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McCain’s Speech


7:47p PDT: This speech is awful. And still 10 or so minutes left to go. They should bring back Gov. Palin. In fact, after this they might want to consider putting her at the top of the ticket. I should add that while the protesters disrupting the proceedings was satisfying, I’m not sure if it will really do all that much and may create a backlash. But it was pretty funny to see McCain lose control of the proceedings.

8:00p PDT: Please, no more! I can’t take it. I’ll vote for you if you just stop talking!

8:04p PDT: Finally it’s over. A decent finish got the crowd fired up, but this was a spectacularly pedestrian speech (if that’s even possible). The media response should be interesting to say the least.

Update: The reaction from the media is lukewarm at best. Some quotes I’ve heard so far:

Jeffrey Toobin: “Worst speech by a nominee since Carter in 1980”

Karl Rove (!): “It wasn’t all that great”

Charles Krauthammer: “It was a strange speech… a strange convention….”

Chris Matthews: “He’ll be ahead in the polls next week because Americans like a winner.”

But the most surprising (and negative) critique of the night came from former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson:


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  1. He basically is using Obama’s lines about American hopes, etc. without real policy. Honestly, they aer so totally out of touch. It’s pathetic.

    Comment by Suzie Q (not the blogger) | September 5, 2008 | Reply

  2. I thought he looked like he wasn’t buying it until the last. He fumbled several places, and recovered badly. I was surprised at the boos; I don’t recall many during the Obama’s speech. While Obama uplifted everyone, McCain scolded while trying to provide an alternative way for change.

    I think the Republicans miscalculated on this one. The veep is more popular than the candidate, and just emphasizes how old he is. The platitudes he offered do not make up for the venom of the past week, and people noticed. The balloon drop just emphasized how small the venue is. The boos just reinforced the small-mindedness. I saw very little real enthusiasm from the crowd until Palin came out. I actually felt a little sad for him until I remember who his veep is.

    Comment by soaquarian | September 5, 2008 | Reply

  3. A man on CSPAN commented after the Convention and said “McCains speech was the worst he had heard in over 50 years of listening to speeches”. Now that is really funny and I was LMAO.

    Comment by trellskig | September 5, 2008 | Reply

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