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Surprises From John McCain Tonight?

I think the one major disservice we’ve done today is the lack of expectations we’ve set for John McCain’s speech tonight. On the threads on Dailykos today, I kept reading the same theme over and over again about John McCain being unable to read a teleprompter, stumbling off the stage, and repeating the cliched phrase, “My friends.” Those are the current expectations that we have. 

Jonathan Martin at Politico points out that John McCain has delivered excellent speeches in the past, notably at the 2004 Republican National Convention. I can already see on Yahoo! News an article about McCain saying, “Change is coming,” and that’s the angle he’s going to work at to undercut Obama’s central message of change. 

And Mark Halperin at The Page notes that John McCain is going to outline very specific proposals for veterans to hide his own dismal record on veterans’ issues, as this is one of his major weak spots, so McCain’s looking to outflank us on this one.

And with Obama stating that the surge has worked military, but not politically, on O’Reilly’s The Factor, John McCain will incorporate that statement in his speech and say, “I’m glad Obama’s agreed with us, and victory is at hand, so that’s why we’re bringing our troops home now!” 

I think we have to be ready for this. I would post this on Dailykos, but I’ve used up my allotment in the post-Palin speech anger that resonated throughout the netroots.

EDIT: Okay, I was wrong. There were no surprises in this speech. It was boring.


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  1. I wonder if Barack is setting a trap for John McCain with this surge issue. If Barack agrees with John McCain that the surge worked (along with the awakening, and other factors). Will John McCain agree that going into Iraq was a major debacle in the first place? McCain never talks about anything that happened before the infamous surge. He totally skips over everything that happened before the surge. He is obsessed with the surge.

    Of course, McCain won’t agree that going into Iraq was a mistake. But you could say that Barack is more of a straight talker than McCain. I am probably completely off base.

    Comment by Ladyhawke | September 5, 2008 | Reply

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