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Change? McCain taps long-time lobbyist for key role

According to Time this morning, Reformed Maverick John McCain has selected a long-time lobbyist who has been working the Capitol since RICHARD FREAKING NIXON to lead his “transition” team:

A prominent Washington lobbyist who has worked for every Republican president since Richard Nixon has been tapped by the McCain campaign to conduct a study in preparation for the presidential transition, should John McCain win the election, according to sources familiar with the process.

William E. Timmons, Sr. is a Washington institution, having worked in the Nixon and Ford administrations as an aide for congressional relations, and assisted the transition teams of both Ronald Reagan in 1980 and George W. Bush in 2000. He was also a senior adviser to both Vice President George Bush in 1988 and Senator Bob Dole in 1996.

So, let’s get this straight. McCain says he’ll bring change, and then he taps a long-time lobbyist who’s worked for every Republican since Nixon to lead his transition team?

That doesn’t sound like a transition team, it sounds like a continuation team.

Time notes the same thing:

By tapping Timmons, McCain has turned to one of Washington’s steadiest and most senior inside players to guide him in the event of a victory — but also to someone who would represent the antithesis of the kind of outside-of-Washington change he has recently been promising. One Republican familiar with the process said the decision to involve Timmons could become a political liability for the campaign’s reformist image, especially in the wake of the controversies over the lobbying backgrounds of other McCain staffers, including campaign manager Rick Davis. “It’s one more blind spot for Rick Davis and John McCain,” the person said.

Of course, if this doesn’t make the news, if people don’t call him on it, it won’t really matter.

McCain will continue to lie about being a reformer, he’ll continue or even worsen the policies of the current administration, and America will suffer.

This needs to get out.

McCain taps a long-term lobbyist who worked for Nixon to lead his “transition” team. Hit this, Obama camp. Hit it hard.


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