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Me Like: Biden to Step Up To The Plate

The vice presidential nominee you aren’t hearing so much about, Democrat Joe Biden, is planning a more prominent role to help validate Barack Obama among white working-class voters and criticize the Republican rival he’s long called a friend.

Good! Biden knows how to bring it, and this quote shows his political instincts are pretty sharp too:

Biden privately told reporters traveling with him last week that Palin was a smart political choice who has changed the race but is not prepared to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

This is the kind of bravado I like to see:

Biden spokesman David Wade said the Delaware senator will be “Mr. October.”

“He’s a closer,” Wade said. “He’s the vice presidential nominee you want slugging it out in the late innings when proven campaign skills, intestinal fortitude, expertise and experience matter most.”

Let’s do this.


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  1. go Joe. heads up: dansac, I sent you and slink an email to your yahoo address. Check it out. Karen

    Comment by ksh01 | September 14, 2008 | Reply

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