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Bill Clinton Moving in the Right Direction

There was a post up yesterday on Dkos that suggested Bill Clinton was very savvily helping persuade undecideds with his analytical posture towards the race. By acknowledging that they could “like” John McCain but still vote for Obama because he’s better for the country, he was actually reaching out to undecided voters on behalf of Obama.

Now, this strikes me as wishful thinking for the most part. I don’t subscribe to the theory that says Clinton wants Obama to lose so his wife can run again. I subscribe to the theory that Clinton is most concerned with rebuilding his reputation as a senior statesman – something he knows was damaged in the primary because he became too partisan.

But on both counts, helping Obama and re-building his reputation, interviews like this one on last night’s “The Daily Show With John Stewart” are steps in the right direction, and he himself said that his strategy is to reach out to undecideds, not to placate the base.

Watch and tell me your thoughts.


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  1. Bill has stated that he will help Obama in any way he can and I think he’s doing just fine. He has been on about 3 T.V. shows so far as I can recall and speaking out for Obama. Bill and Hill have more appearances to come, in a couple of states, and are in this to help Obama the best way they can.

    Comment by trellskig | September 24, 2008 | Reply

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