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AP: McCain “irratable, sarcastic” in interview

Apropos of my post below linking to McCain’s meltdown in front of the Des Moines Register editorial board, we have a story from AP bringing the story into the mainstream. Not good for Mccain.


DES MOINES, Iowa – Republican presidential candidate John McCain, once renowned for his jocular sessions with journalists, appeared irritable and at times sarcastic in an interview in which he defended running mate Sarah Palin’s experience and campaign ads critical of rival Barack Obama.

Meeting Tuesday with the editorial board of The Des Moines Register, McCain was asked why he picked the Alaska governor, someone “who doesn’t have a lot of experience.”

“Thank you, but I disagree with your fundamental principle that she doesn’t have the experience,” McCain replied before citing Palin’s work as a PTA member, city council member, mayor and governor. “You and I just have a fundamental disagreement, and I am so happy the American people seem to be siding with me.”

When it was suggested that Palin’s lack of experience worried voters, McCain turned sarcastic.

Aside from his obvious temper-tantrum in the interview, I have to ask: Why was he in Iowa in the first place? His polling there has been nearly uniformly awful, he hates ethanol and didn’t campaign there in the primary. GOP strategist Mike Murphy breaks it down:

What the Hell was McCain even doing there in the first place?

1.) Obama is going to win Iowa.

2.) Editorial board meetings are usually pure trouble to begin with and result only in newspaper endorsements that persuade very few voters beyond the immediate family members of the editorial board.

3.) Within the rarified category of newspaper editorial boards, the Des Moines Register is one of the most liberal in the country. I’m rather surprised that halfway through the McCain interview they failed to switch over to Esperanto, the peace-loving language of all nations.

So, 35 days left and McCain is in Iowa? Why put McCain in the wrong state, at the wrong place? No surprise the result is the wrong message and the wrong tone.

Putting him in states where he has nearly no chance of winning, and then getting into pie-fights with editorial boards seems like a dumb way to spend the waning days of this campaign. Of course, as an Obama partisan, I welcome these decisions.


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