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Mark Halperin’s Latest Post

Mark Halperin of Time’s The Page, had this to post today:

1. Obama lawyer Bob Bauer.

2. Sarah Palin.

3. The person screening the audience and Internet questions for Tuesday’s debate.

4. Obama senior adviser Robert Gibbs.

5. The three executive producers of the broadcast networks evening newscasts (tie).

The third point is basically right on. We all know that Tom Brokaw, McCain’s sweet-heart lackey, will be the moderator for tomorrow’s townhall debate. He’s totally in the tank for John McCain, and I expect him to select the most outrageous townhall debate questions that will perhaps rival the atrocious ABC debate that was hosted by Gibson and Staphyloccus.

How should Obama prepare for these predictable debate questions?

*Wright, Ayers, Rezko

*Some dubious Muslim ties to Ayers

*The fundraising donations

*The Born Alive Act


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  1. Of those, I think the Born Alive Act is actually the most important – I heard that brought up while canvassing in PA. If he can quash that rumor, the better.

    By the way, those Halperin lists are sometimes preposterous. He listed Dan Balz as one of the most important people in politics. I mean, talk about journalists assigning way too much influence to others.

    Comment by dansac | October 6, 2008 | Reply

  2. dansac–

    I think Obama should say that the Illinois law already had this in the books, that doctors were already required by Illinois law to help infants that were born alive through abortions. The four times this bill was brought up was a duplicitous attempt, and there was no reason for it since it was already state law in Illinois, and that Obama supports the federal partial birth abortion ban law with an exception for the mother’s health.

    Comment by slinkerwink | October 6, 2008 | Reply

  3. And Obama should say, “This was already state law in Illinois, and as John McCain knows I support the partial birth abortion ban, but with an exception for the life of the mother.

    These people basically tried to bring the same bill up for a vote four times, which was pointless because it ALREADY was state law in Illinois.”

    Comment by slinkerwink | October 6, 2008 | Reply

  4. I disagree with your premise. Town-hall debates tend to be more substantive than those moderated by “professionals”. My guess is we’ll get a whole lot more questions about the economy than about Ayers and Rezko, because that’s what voters are focused on. (A debate centered on the issues that actually matter? I know, I’m a crazy dreamer.)

    Obviously, Obama should have answers prepared regardless, but it seems to me the Fates have conspired against McCain once again. A town-hall debate is the worst venue for launching the kind of substance-free attacks he is apparently contemplating.

    Comment by GDH1 | October 6, 2008 | Reply

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