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Not Great News from Ohio: Early Voting Turnout Very Weak

While the Obama campaign has done a masterful job of registering voters, it’s clear that the turnout operations still need work.   After all the hoopla and the Springsteen and John Legend concerts, et al, comes the word that only 3,000 people voted in the one-week window for same-day registration and early voting in Ohio.

Early returns showed about 3,000 voters in Ohio’s four largest counties took advantage of the disputed policy, a surprisingly low turnout to some elections officials.

The window was expected to benefit Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama, as his campaign and advocacy groups pushed Democratic-leaning groups such as college students and low-income voters to the polls.

Through Sunday, 1,152 voters had taken advantage of the policy in Franklin County, which includes Columbus. In Montgomery County, home to Dayton, roughly 250 people had used it. And in Hamilton County, where Cincinnati is located, about 454 voters had taken advantage of the window by midday Monday.

Another 1,000 or so were expected from Cuyahoga County, which includes Cleveland and is the state’s most populous county.

“With all the hoopla we were anticipating a whole lot more,” said Montgomery County Board of Elections Director Steve Harsman.

Hard to know what to make of this.  Particularly since Obama hasn’t been to Ohio in a long, long time.  Having said that, he has three rallies coming up in one day on October 9th, including one in the infamous Southeast Ohio region.  What are your theories for this low turnout?


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