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Advertising: The Worm Has Turned

Throughout much of the summer, I derided Obama’s advertising as weak, incoherent, and poorly produced. I still maintain that I was right at the time. McCain’s ads, however, were much more impressive in their production values and in the coherence of their points. Boy, have things changed.

The Obama ad team has gotten their legs under them in a big way, while the McCain camp is flailing miserably. Today, the Obama folks put out a concise, coherent ad that nails McCain on healthcare using quotes from the debate.

The McCain camp put out the following ad, which…well…I have no idea what it’s trying to say. Seriously, none. Do you? If so, please share. It’s incoherent, rambling, flailing, and just a weak piece of work:


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  1. I think they’re pandering to the Michael Savage vote. There is, after all, a picture circulating on the Internet of John McCain and Michael Savage side-by-side, and Savage put up an article on his site recently praising Bush as “the greatest president” and endorsing McCain because “Obama would put another gun-grabbing Ginsburg on the Supreme Court”.

    And of course, he blames the gays for the economic crises, not the Bush administration. Should tell you how out of touch with reality this man and the candidate he endorses is.

    Comment by Anthony040 | October 8, 2008 | Reply

  2. Well, they use the quote from Barack, “Folks are lying.” It’s code! They think that the word “folks” is inherent to black people, and even more, he is not speaking “diplospeak” — he actually says “lying” and on top of that, he dares to accuse a white man of lying (or that white man’s campaign.) So, if you put all this white republican “code” together, this McCain ad, like the rest of the campaign, is reminding us with pictures and “a black word” that Obama is black and has the gall to run against McCain. SCARY! (And some might say, “uppity” even…) See? What they really want to do is just run ads that say, “He’s Black!” but they can’t really do that anymore. (I realize this sounds insane, but I honestly am serious.)

    Comment by Ella | October 8, 2008 | Reply

  3. ok i first thought it was an ad for obama until about 20 seconds in, they are seriously lost now, no direction at all.

    Comment by davidfromsandiego | October 8, 2008 | Reply

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