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Halperin: McCain to [Ctrl/Alt/Delete] Campaign?

Well, this is interesting. Mark Halperin, press flak to the stars, has a rather cryptic lead at the top of his page right now:

Now, this is rather interesting, isn’t it? What oh what could McCain be thinking at this point.
It’s no secret that the GOP writ-large is freaking out right now. They’ve got some pretty pathetic polling right now, including Colorado, which now shows a ten point Obama lead.

We’ve also got a major backlash against McCain for his disgusting campaign tactics:

Candidate is mainly:
Addressing Attacking
the issues his opponent
McCain 35% 59
Obama 68 26

McCain 45% 48
Obama 64 29

And we’ve also got prominent GOP folks voicing concern over McCain’s strategy:

Several Republicans, who spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid angering McCain, said the campaign should have sought to plant doubts about Obama’s associations with 1960s-era radical William Ayers and others months ago, rather than waiting until the campaign’s final weeks. Doing so now, they said, makes the 72-year-old McCain come off as angry, grouchy and desperate, playing into Democrats’ hands.

Rather, these Republicans said, McCain needs to strike a balance in his tone – appearing presidential while also questioning Obama’s readiness to serve and judgment to lead. And, several said McCain should close the campaign on an honorable note.

“He doesn’t need an attack strategy, he needs a comeback strategy,” said Alex Castellanos, a longtime national GOP media consultant who worked for McCain primary rival Mitt Romney.

Now, McCain has done a “reboot” of sorts before. In the Summer of 2007, he shook-up his campaign, bringing in the execrable Steve Schmidt among other things. It obviously worked to some extent (notwithstanding the awfulness of the other GOP candidates), as he is the GOP nominee. But attempting some sort of restart three weeks out from the election seems to me to be a ridiculous strategy. Anyway, feel free to speculate below.


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  1. I’m just hoping it’s not the launch of his new 7 part series, “5 Top People Who Might Feed Me Scoops”. And/but seriously, is the “Developing…” thing a sarcastic jab at Drudge, or does he mean it now? He had the sirens on the other day…

    Comment by pepsicoke555 | October 13, 2008 | Reply

  2. McCains close assocation with Bush, the most inept president this country has ever had,his apparent lack of enthusiasm for what he is trying to do, is going to cost him the election. As an investor whose stocks have lost, a CD owner suffering with a very low percentage of interest, I want to hear how McCain is going to turn things around, but have not heard that, so I conclude he has no clue about how to do that.

    Comment by arnien | October 13, 2008 | Reply

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