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The Great Lieberman Temper Tantrum of 2008

Let me make one thing clear: I hate Joe Lieberman as much as, if not more, than the next guy. I hate his fake sanctimonious, concern-troll tone as he went against everything he stood for his whole life and campaigned against Barack Obama. And while I understand why Obama sent the lifeline he did to Lieberman, I don’t like that Joe made it out of yesterday with a slap on the wrist. I also don’t like that he was removed from the environmental committee – the one issue he was pretty good at – but retained the Homeland Security committee (of course, my solution to this is to get rid of the Homeland Security department all together).

Having said all that, and understanding and being a part of the anger so many of us shared, yesterday was perhaps the most embarrassing day to be a member of the liberal blogosphere that I can remember. It was the Great Lieberman Temper Tantrum of 2008.

I’ve never seen so many ostensibly educated, reality-based, and “mature” people behave like petulant babies en masse like I did yesterday. From threats to run primary challenges against all of the 40-something Senators who voted to protect Lieberman, to accusations of treason against Harry Reid and Howard Dean (wait, aren’t we supposed to love Howard?), the reaction fulfilled every stereotype of “wild-eyed liberal” that the pundit-world could have hoped for and then some.

You had people such as Kos writing snarky lectures to Barack Obama on what it takes to govern, drawing a false equivalency between what he did for Lieberman to what he should do to former Bush aides. Markos Moulitsas, a guy who has been on Meet The Press, written two books, and expects us to take him seriously as an analyst, wrote the following passage about Obama:

Since he doesn’t want “purges” to be the order of the day, perhaps he’ll make sure to keep the thousands of Bush appointees in their respective offices, from Cabinet secretaries on down? That would only be consistent with his meddling in the Senate.

I half-expected his next sentence to be, “And I’m going to hold my breath and stomp my feet until I get what I want!”

Once again, let me reiterate, while I understand why Lieberman was given a reprieve yesterday, I don’t like it at all and strenuously disagree with it.

But the juvenile, petulant manner in which the liberal blogs had a mass freak-out yesterday, led by the very people like Markos who have argued (I felt, as a blogger for 6 years now, rightfully) that bloggers should be taken seriously, was an embarrassment.


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  1. The best use of their words if they feel so strongly about it is to not make it public but to send Sen. Lieberman a personal email or phone call about it. Just posting a blog is not going to get his attention. He will just ignore it like he will the letters to the editor and all the other things that are written. Only by a personal letter to him will he finally get the idea that people are not happy with him. Right now he thinks what he did was fine, I really believe that. Oh, I guess he believes it was not exactly kosher, so to speak, but no big deal. But he is only seeing part of it, by the Senate, not by the electorate as a whole. What a few people blogging about it. So what, big deal, but a personal email, thousands of them, directed to him, that would have an impact. That’s what needs to be done. That would get Lieberman’s attention. Or calling his Senate office and jamming the voice mail or his secretary or assistant what ever you want to call him or her, something like that might get the message across to him.

    Of course, I think also, what Dennis Leary said on Hardball last night was good too. Make him head pooper scooper for the “1st pup”. Now that would be fitting punishment.

    Comment by Annette, Missouri | November 19, 2008 | Reply

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